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August 2016 - Split with Franz Müller

Today we got some bad news: Due to personal decisions Franz decided to leave the band. Here is his statement:
"Due to my personal progress the priorities in my life have changed and so I decided to leave DEAD ALONE. It was a fantastic and instructive time I spent with this band. I thank the guys from the bottom of my heart for these unforgettable experiences and wish them all the best for their musical future. Horns up for DEAD ALONE!"

We wish Franz all the best for his personal future. Nevertheless we continue working on our new album with a new man behind the drums. So stay tuned for more news!

January 2016 - New guitar player

So soon after the split from Martin we are more than happy to introduce our new guitar player. With Michael Grabow we had the luck to find within one of the first candidates a technically skilled and interpersonal perfectly matching musician who shares the same passion for music like we do. He conviced us in the first auditions with his perfect feeling for melodies. He enriches the band with his character. From now on Michael will share the stage with us and he is also involved in the songwriting for the next album.
So please welcome him!

The statement from Michael:
“I´m very happy to be admitted to DEAD ALONE and I´m looking forward to the creative journey with the other guys. I hope to weigh in my skills and to create something special. Cheers!”

November 2015 - Split with guitar player Martin Hofbauer

Since the beginning of DEAD ALONE Martin was a strong constant in our musical cosmos. So it´s extremely hurtful that he decided to part ways with us. Due to some private changes it is not possible for him to spend the effort necessary in the band. We wish him all the best!

For this reason we are looking for a new guitar player with live- and studio experiences in the vicinity around munich.

August 2015 - Endorsement with 666strings

From now on Florian is endorsed by 666strings. Last week he received his brandnew "Florian Hefft Vermin Custom Bass". This instrument convinces with its perfect workmanship, an amazing sound and also with a pleasant handling. Visit the homepage of 666strings and give them a like on Facebook.

May 2015 - Remix of the song "Great New World"

Almost six months after realeasing “Nemesis” we have a special present for you. On the occasion of our 11th birthday we realease a remix to the song “Great New World”, created by the electronic artist LXEKR.

LXEKR already did some great samples for “Nemesis“ so we were sure that we wanted to work with him again. So we did. There were no rules or boundaries for him and we were as suprised at the result as you may be. At the end of the day we can say that the remix of “Great New World” turned out to be something completely different and thrilling. Hands down, LXEKR created a magnificent piece of music!

LXEKR: „That was so much fun. As I was playing in a Death Metal band myself, I was able to identify with the idea of an remix, when the band asked me to do it.“Great New World“ was the ideal song as it creates a great feeling with its catchy riffs. Plus, introducing it in a new look matches the title perfectly."

You can download the Utopia-Remix of “Great New World” for free here.

March 2015 - Endorsement-Deal with Serpent King Guitars

We proudly announce that from now on Martin is endorsed by Serpent King Guitars. A few days ago he received his "Pulsar" and this axe has not only an awesome sound, but its workmanship is also top-notch. Check out the page of SKG!

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