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December 2014 - Sebastian leaves the band and a new drummer is coming

During the past months some of you may have noticed that we played the last shows without Sebastian. On the one hand the reason was that his job situation did not allow him to continue. On the other hand everyone of us had to go in ourselves and to think about the future as a band and as well as a person. We had six magnificent and exciting years together, we had a lot of funny moments and created something amazing together. However, the time has come to walk separate ways.

This decision was not easy for anyone and it is painful to lose this great guy, but we didn´t find a solution that satisfies all parties. We have started working as friends and after this step we will be good friends as well. We wish Sebstian all the best for his future and we will always remember the past years. Thank you brother!

But every end offers a chance for a new beginning. So we welcome Franz Müller at DEAD ALONE. Franz has become a good friend to us over the last years and helped us out during the last months. We are extremely happy to have him in the team and we are looking forward for the upcoming future!

Sebastian says:
“After six years as the drummer in DEAD ALONE I regretfully decided to quit the band. For personal reasons I will not have the time anymore that this band deserves. These past years were exciting and full of experiences. Thank you to the other guys and thank you to our fans for this great time. Horns up for Franz Müller!”

Our new album “Nemesis“ was released on 5th of december 2014 by Supreme Chaos Records. This is the last output with Sebastian on drums. At the moment we are working on some live shows to present the new material.

December 2014 - Nemesis

Since the 05th of december "Nemesis" is available!
We would like to thank everyone who helped us to realize this album. Special thanks goes to Sebastian Moser, Fotis Benardo, Christos Antoniou, Supreme Chaos Records and Metal Promotions. The reactions are overwhelming and we hope that you like this album as much as we do. Here you find small overview of some present reactions:

  • 8/10
  • 10/10
  • Legacy: 13/15
  • 5/5
  • 7/10
  • Bringerofdeathzine: 8/10
  • Twilight Magazin: 13/15

  • November 2014 - New songs online!

    In cooperation with "" and "" we present you another song from "Nemesis“ called “Of Ash & Flesh”. So enjoy!

  • Besides that we also released a lyric-video for the song "Confession". But this song is not the regular version, it´s the “Alternative mix”, which will be included as a bonustrack on "Nemesis".
    "Nemesis" will be released on december 5th, 2014 by Supreme Chaos Records.

    October 2014 - 1. song online!

    Finally we can show you the first song from our upcoming album "Nemesis"! This premiere of "Eclipse" is presented by the Legacy magazine and here you can listen to the song.

    This song combines all trademarks of us and deals with topics like loss and death. “Eclipse” is a very melodic but also intense song who have a special personal meaning for us.

    "Nemesis" will be released on december 5th, 2014 by Supreme Chaos Records an can be preordered here.

    September 2014 - Teaser from "Nemesis"!

    Thank you very much for this amazing 10-years-anniversary on saturday, september 27th, 2014!
    Today we present you a small teaser of "Nemesis".

    The new album will be released on december 5th, 2014 by Supreme Chaos Records an can be preordered here. Besides a regular jewel case a strictly limited digipack edition of 100 pieces with alternative artwork will be available.

    July 2014 - Title, tracklist and artwork of the new album!

    The work on our upcoming album called “Nemesis“ is nearly finished and we can give you some new information. “Nemesis” will be released on december 5th, 2014 by “Supreme Chaos Records” and will include the following songs:
    1. Nemesis
    2. Eclipse
    3. Great New World
    4. Of Ash And Flesh
    5. Confession
    6. Wreckage
    7. Watch Me Fall
    8. As Worlds Collide
    9. Shade
    10. The Awakening

    The drums were recorded at the "Devasoundz Studios" (SEPTICFLESH, ROTTING CHRIST, CHAOSTAR) in Athens directed by Fotis Benardo (SEPTICFLESH, CHAOSTAR). For the recordings of bass guitars, guitars and vocals DEAD ALONE worked with Sebastian Moser of the "Grotesque Studios" in Munich again, who already gave “Ad Infinitum” the right sound. Besides the recordings the mix and the mastering were also made there.

    July 2014 - 10 years DEAD ALONE!

    We are sorry to announce that our show next week at Taufkirchen is canceled.
    But we have other great news: 10 years have passed since the first riffs and lyrics. 10 years full of great moments together with you! We would like to say "Thank you!" for this amazing time.
    So it´s time to celebrate our 10th birthday where it all once started. Join the party on September 27th, 2014 in Holzkirchen and let´s have a night to remember!!!

    February 2014 - First details on the new album!

    Finally we have the first news about the new album for you!
    We proudly announce that we will start the recordings for our new record in may! But this time, we give the recordings a new twist: We will record the drums at the mighty DEVASOUNDZ STUDIOS under Fotis Bernados direction - one of the best drummers we have ever seen.
    For guitars, bass and vocals we continue working with Sebastian Moser from the GROTESQUE STUDIOS, who already gave "Ad Infinitum" the perfect sound. After 10 years with DEAD ALONE we have never expected to have the opportunity to work with these extremely talented artists and we are very excited about the final result. Stay tuned, more news are coming!

    January 2014 - Happy new year!

    We wish you all a happy new year 2014! On time at the beginning of the new year we present you a recording from our show at THE DARK SIDE OF MUNICH Festival last year. So enjoy!

    September 2013 - Support for MERCENARY & OMNIUM GATHERUM

    Great news: We will support MERCENARY, OMNIUM GATHERUM and ESSENCE on saturday, 14th september 2013 at Stuttgart. Hell yeah!

    April 2013 - "Pilgrim" - Official Video

    We proudly present you our first official video for the song "Pilgrim". Special thanks to Andreas Brauner ( for his great work!

    March 2013 - TEMPLE OF METAL Festival canceled

    We are sorry to announce that this year´s TEMPLE OF METAL Festival is canceled. We hope to see you soon at another show!!!

    February 2013 - Live

    On the 9th of march we will support AGRYPNIE, DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT and HERETOIR on their upcoming "Aetas Cineris Tour" in Ingolstadt. In addition we will see us at the TEMPLE OF METAL Festival in July. More dates will follow, so stay tuned!

    November 2012 - The press about "Ad Infinitum"

    Here you get a small overview what the press thinks about "Ad Infinitum". So enjoy (all articles are in german language)!

  • Metalunderground Webzine
  • New Metal Media
  • Besides there is an interview at New Metal Media and an interview and a song-by-song-special at

    August 2012 - BAVARIAN BATTLE Open Air canceled

    Today we have sad news: The BAVARIAN BATTLE Open Air is canceled. We are sad about the situation but we are looking for another shows. So stay tuned!


    We are glad to announce that now we are part of the SUPREME CHAOS RECORDS family!!! It is totally amazing to be part of this. Our new output "Ad Infinitum" will be released on the 28th of september.

    July 2012 - First song "Pilgrim" online

    Now it´s time for the first song of our upcoming album "Ad Infinitum". Here you get "Pilgrim":

    June 2012 - "Ad Infinitum" Teaser

    After months of hard work at munichs "Grotesque Studios" we finally have finished the recordings of our new album "Ad Infinitum". To us it is a huge step forward and we are very proud of the new songs. Moreover there are additional vocals on "Downwards" by Mick of our french buddies DESTINITY. So enjoy!

    February 2012 - Infos about the new album

    We are already working on our new album for over one year and this baby is about to take shape. "Ad Infinitum" is the name of our third record and right here we present you the cover and the tracklist. Recordings will start in april and of course We will keep you in the picture.

    DEAD ALONE Ad Infinitum Cover

    1. Sold
    2. The Way Of The Damned
    3. Prayer Of Innocence
    4. Downwards
    5. Silhouette Empire
    6. A Dying Sun
    7. Pilgrim
    8. Fall Into Oblivion
    9. Darkened Skies

    February 2012 - EXTREMEFEST Austria 2012 Tickets

    As we have already published some weeks ago, we will play at the EXTREMEFEST Austria 2012! Is there anyone of you who wants to come to this amazing festival? If so, get your ticket here. We see us there! Cheers


    November 2011 - EXTREMEFEST Austria

    We are proud to announce that we will play at the EXTREMEFEST Austria 2012!!! More infos will follow as soon as possible.


    August 2011 - Update

    Sorry for the lack of news.
    At the moment we are writing new songs and we are very excited about the result. The new stuff is developing in a interesting way and it´s an intense experience for us. We can´t wait to show you our new baby!


    Januar 2011 - A new year...

    We wish you all a happy new year 2011. Thank you for your support an we can´t wait to see you again soon.

    But we have some bad news. The show at Sommacampagna (Italy) had to canceled, but we try to get another show there as soon as possible.

    Update: We are sad to announce that the show at "Temple Of Metal" had to be canceled, too.

    Stay prepared!


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